Grammy Board Approves $650k Settlement to Resolve Geimer Sexual Harassment Case
Citing Grammy sources, the Los Angeles Times reports that the NARAS board has approved an estimated $650,000 settlement to resolve sexual assault and battery allegations against chief executive Michael Greene, Grammy sources said.

Attorneys representing both NARAS and Greene declined comment.

Early on in the case, NARAS officials stood staunchly by Greene, denying that he assaulted or had any sexual contact with Jill Geimer, the former Grammy Human Resources executive who had threatened to sue over Greene's alleged misconduct. But as this case has dragged on, the support of the NARAS board has become less and less automatic.

As we reported here last week (hitsdailydouble.com, 10/25), insiders have been whispering that the previously Teflon-coated Greene may not have enough board votes to survive this latest legal bombshell. The 650k settlement for Geimer has ignited a boardroom insurrection, according to the Times, with more than a dozen of the 41 academy trustees privately calling for Greene's firing, according to high-ranking Grammy sources.

On Wednesday (10/24), the NARAS board green-lighted an internal investigation, to be conducted by an outside firm, to determine whether there was cause to suspend Greene (hitsdailydouble.com, 10/26).

The board is expected to take a vote on Greene's dismissal after the investigation.

Complicating that matter, however, is the fact that Greene has weathered plenty of rough seas during his tenure as NARAS chief. If the board votes for Greene's ouster—which is the way many outsiders seeing this situation moving in—there is, of course the definite possibility that Greene will turn around and sue the board, especially considering his recently signed five-year deal.

Greene has survived so many crises so far that we have to suggest, as Yogi Berra once so eloquently put it, that it ain't over till it's over.