AOLTW raised objections to the RIAA-backed provision, which would have made it easier to bring criminal charges and civil suits against people damaging a computer through unauthorized Internet use.


Litigation Battles! Security vs. Free Inquiry! End-to-End Content-Tracking Solutions!

A proposal aimed at fighting music and video piracy, backed by the RIAA and the Motion Picture Association of America, was rejected for inclusion in the federal anti-terrorism bill. AOLTW raised objections to the provision, which would have made it easier to bring criminal charges and civil suits against people damaging a computer through unauthorized Internet use. It would have also immunized copyright holders—i.e. RIAA and MPAA members—for data losses caused by RIAA or MPAA hackers or other computer intrusions trying to stop or prevent piracy, such as software that replaces or deletes unauthorized files. Don't you wish the RIAA would hack into our computers and take our site down?

If you're reading this, you're obviously not a fan of robust, rich media websites. Still, you might want to know that Eveo has unveiled Eveo Publisher 2.0, software that lets users produce, publish and manage web video presentations and e-mails. Hey, those are their words, not ours. Eveo Publisher can integrate video text, audio, Flash and other applications. It's perfect for marketing. Hey, those are our words, paraphrasing their words. Here's Eveo founder/CEO Oliver Zitoun with a few words on today's current political climate: "Rich media and web video are proven ways to slash communication costs, and increase sales channel effectiveness. Plus, it makes those Briana Banks videos even more enjoyable."

An unreleased Crosby, Stills and Nash song, "Half Your Angels," will be distributed online exclusively by Liquid Audio to more than 1,100 Clear Channel radio station websites. Proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards the ClearChannel.com Relief Fund. The downloadable track is burnable to CD. It is also being promoted via Album Network, but it's for charity, so we're covering it anyway.

Audio content identification company Audible Magic Corporation and financial transaction management systems company eLiberation have announced their formal partnership and the creation of their end-to-end solution for audio content tracking and royalty management. Audible Magic's system creates "fingerprints" for songs and claims to be 99% accurate, while eLiberation's Event Frame Financial Transaction Management is a low-cost engine for managing simultaneous micro-payments. Guess there's still some micro-money left in the digital music space somewhere.

The DOJ is expected to file a brief in federal court asking for the dismissal of a lawsuit by Princeton University computer scientist Edward Felten. Felten's lawsuit seeks to have the Digital Millenium Copyright Act declared unconstitutional and to make cryptography researchers immune from prosecution through the DMCA. The SMDI—remember that?—threatened Felten and his group of researchers with a suit back in April after they cracked the anti-piracy consortium's watermark technology and wanted to publish a paper on it, in violation of the DMCA. In fact, even writing about the DMCA is illegal, so it's back to glue sniffing now.