"[Eminem] doesn't want to be thought of as Dre's little white bitch."
—Suge Knight


Death Row CEO Speaks Out From Behind Bars...Again
After his exclusive HITS dialogue last July (see hitsdailydouble.com, 7/19), jailed Death Row rap impresario Suge Knight is still yacking.

Now in his fourth year behind bars for probation violation, Knight is turning up the rhetorical assault, with jabs at Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, O.J. Simpson, Magic Johnson, Eminem, Jesse Jackson and others in two separate interviews with Bob Guccione Jr.'s Gear magazine and Controversy.

On Snoop: "I don't have any feelings towards that impostor. He can't walk into any ghetto...because everybody sees him for what he is, a fake."

On Dre: "I can't stand him. People say I was cruel to call him a faggot, but what's pissing me off the most is that he was dishonest about it. I don't have anything against gay people... To each his own. Back in the day, we would have parties, and he'd pretend to be with all these women.That's why Eminem is trying to distance himself from Dre by rapping all this anti-gay shit. He doesn't want to be thought of as Dre's little white bitch."

On Eminem: "He's funny. But he better be careful because he's a white boy who says 'N*****' a litle too often. He's gonna say it around the wrong person who is going to take it to heart and bring his white ass down. I like the guy, but he needs to be careful."

On O.J.: "A punk ass. The jury thought if they convicted him, there would be another riot. But what they didn't realize was that black folks didn't like O.J. at all. They hated him. He didn't give a shit about folks in the ghetto. His friends were in Brentwood and they surely weren't going to riot over him being convicted."

On Magic: "Before he got AIDS, he was just a basketball player who happened to go both ways. Now, he's an icon, but every time he pulls his dick out, it's attempted murder. He can afford the drugs that make him healthy. What about the kids in the ghetto who can't? They're dying."

On Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters: "I look at them with disgust. I hate the term African American. People like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks worked hard to make black people Americans. I'd prefer you call me black or even colored. Guys like Jesse aren't giving money back to the ghetto. They're just pocketing the money and using it for themselves."

On his friendship with John F. Kennedy Jr.: "He and I used to play football every Sunday when I was in New York. One day I took a leak in the bushes in Central Park and he was like, 'I wish I could do that. But, if I did, the cameras would be all over me.' Fame had limited him. When I heard the news about his death, I thought, 'We just lost one of our future presidents... a great one."

On his own possible future in politics: "If we want to make a difference, we need to clean up the ghetto. We need to demand the fathers of these ghetto kids stay around. This needs to start way back in elementary school because if you don't catch the kids by then, they'll be in prison or on drugs or dead."