Newly Created Positions Create Positional Newness For Noonan And Gallagher.
Combining announcements into one, easy-to-use story is just one of the ways we're making your life less complicated. Using small words is another.

Fulfilling his New Year's resolution to up the "cool points" of at least one executive, Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO Roger Ames today announced the appointment of Jim Noonan to the newly created position of SVP of Strategic Promotions at WMG. Previous to his new post, Noonan was Sr. VP of Corporate Communications at WMG since 1995. And prior to that, Noonan was VP of Corporate Affairs for HBO. That does not mean that he kept track of intra-office romances, however.

In other announcement news, VH1 has named Paul Gallagher to the newly created position of Executive Producer, West Coast Production. Gallagher has worked as the Supervising Producer for the music channel's "Behind The Music" since it's inception in 1997 and will, in his new post, head the production's senior editorial staff. The hitsdailydouble.com editorial staff, on the other hand, has no supervision whatsoever.