"Now, will you please excuse me while I crank the office strobe lights and go back to listening to 'Kid A' on my headphones?"


Capitol President Addresses "Swirling Rumors And Speculation"
In an effort to calm label staffers, Capitol Records President Roy Lott issued an inter-office memo to employees last month clarifying rumors of his possible exit from the post.

The letter comes on the heels of widespread talk (first reported in hitsdailydouble.com,12/30) of the Capitol Records presidency being offered to Andy Slater.

"I joined EMI in March 1998 as Deputy President of EMI, North America. At Ken [Berry]'s request, I agreed to add the additional responsibilities of President of Capitol Records when Gary Gersh left the company that summer. It was never intended that this would be a permanent situation. However, the ability to make structural changes was postponed in 1999 by the start of the Time Warner merger process. In November, Ken announced our intention to bring additional executive talent into EMI in order to expand our business. In the process of the search, we decided, due to the available candidates and the tasks ahead across North America, we should proceed with a prospective candidate to head the contemporary music label of Capitol Records in Los Angeles. This would leave me free to focus my energies on my other duties and responsibilities as Deputy President of EMI North America."

The missive went on to explain, "However, at the current time, despite the swirling rumors and speculation, nothing has been finalized yet and there is no announcement that can or should be confirmed. In addition, as always, I would ask that everyone act responsibly and not discuss it with the press. Ken and I have always been committed to advising everyone of all of the facts as soon as they are facts and we will continue to do that. Now, will you please excuse me while I crank the office strobe lights and go back to listening to 'Kid A' on my headphones? Thank you."