"This agreement makes clear that edel is on the forefront of new technologies and innovative marketing."
——edel CEO Michael Haentjes


Euro Indie Leader Edel And MP3 Swappery Share A Hearty Handshake
Today Germany, tomorrow the world!

Hamburg-based Edel Music, Europe's largest independent music company and majority owner of Red Distribution, announced today that it has become the second big player to sign up with and endorse Napster, following Bertelsmann eCommerce Group 's announcement last October that it was acquiring a stake in the file-swapping service.

What will those wacky Germans think of next?

In addition to allowing its music to be used in the new service Napster is "evolving," edel—which has 70-something partnerships and alliances in place—hopes to lead the march toward acceptance among other music companies, stating that the two new partners "will work together to promote further acceptance of the new Napster business model."

The music giant will also "advise" Napster in helping address the concerns of artists, songwriters and other people who want to get paid.

"We are very happy to be working with edel as we evolve toward our new model," said Napster CEO Hank Barry. "We are delighted that a progressive and successful label like edel has stepped forward and recognized that the interests of music lovers and music makers are both enhanced by the service that Napster is developing. Plus, I'm going to be in Germany a lot anyway."

"This is a very logical step for a company like ours," reads a quote that edel CEO Michael Haentjes downloaded from a nifty new quote-sharing application. "We have embraced the Internet, which offers the music industry new and exciting ways to reach a growing, global audience. We welcome Napster's commitment to protect the interests of artists, songwriters and other rights holders through their new business model and we will support any activity that provides for fair compensation for everyone involved.

"This agreement makes clear that edel is on the forefront of new technologies and innovative marketing," Haentjes added. "In the meantime, try to make do with getting all our music for free from the ‘old' Napster. But that is so five minutes ago."

The agreement takes effect immediately. Starting next month, edel artists will be promoted via Napster's Featured Music Program.