"We intend to take CuteMX into the mainstream."
——Sandra Poole-Christal, GlobalSCAPE President and COO


Application Is 46% Cuter Than
Other File-Sharing Apps
Internet software developer GlobalSCAPE announced yesterday that it re-released CuteMX, the peer-to-peer file-sharing software it pulled from public circulation in July just as the Napster hoopla was heating up.

"We re-released CuteMX to introduce our new filtering technology, which is designed to prevent the sharing of unsecure user-created content, while encouraging unique and original content in secure formats," said GlobalSCAPE CEO Tim Nicolaou.

As if sensing that was far too clear for our readers, Nicolaou added, "CuteMX supports secure distribution by incorporating a proprietary filtering process, which offers protection for copyrighted material in a rich, collaborative environment with a limited user community."

Hmm. We understood the phrase "copyrighted material." Everything else around that was a little fuzzy.

Nicolaou stressed that the user community would also enable the company to gather "valuable marketing data in support of a future subscription model."

"We are encouraged by recent movement in the industry toward acceptance of this type of technology," said GlobalSCAPE President and COO Sandra Poole-Christal, referring to the recent BMG-Napster and Listen-Scour deals. "We intend to take CuteMX into the mainstream."