Legendary Flack Larry Solters Celebrates 50th Birthday With Pop Quiz
It was a gala evening Tuesday (2/6) at Liz Heller's Cheviot Hills home as legendary PR/spin maven Larry Solters was rendered speechless—now there's a first—by a group of well-wishers on-hand for his surprise 50th birthday party.  The guest list included a who's-who of industry and media vets, including hosts, longtime partner Irving Azoff and wife Shelli, Eagle Timothy B. Schmit, Grand Royal/G.A.S' Gary Gersh, DreamWorks' Jheryl Busby, ex-Elektra A&R exec Peter Philbin, father and pioneering publicist Lee and mother Ann, Scoopsters Janie Hoffman, Elizabeth Chanley, Hannah Kampf and Anna Loynes, L.A. Times' Chuck Philips, inside.com's Bruce Haring, Billboard's Melinda Newman, Hollywood Reporter's Tamara Conniff,  Rolling Stone's David Wild, Farmclub.com's Nancy Sullivan, H.K. mgr. Craig Fruin, best friend/accountant Bill Braunstein, longtime Azoff aide Irene Fukunaga, Susan Markheim, Disney's Glen Lajeski, Prestone Graphics' Steve Uslan, Promo Talk's Ira Flusberg and many, many more.  Some of Larry's favorite foods were imported from the east coast, including Nathan's hot dogs, knishes and Yoo-Hoos on ice.

For the occasion, Larry's best friends made up a "How Well Do You Know Larry Quiz?" which made us realize how little we really do know about him. We are reprinting the test and will offer two free Dodger tickets, courtesy of Scoop Marketing, naturally, to the individual with the highest score. E-mail your responses to [email protected].

1. Larry's delivery was:

  1. Long and painful, the same as waiting for a decision from him.
  2. Someone as unique as Larry wasn't delivered, so he must have been hatched.
  3. Eight-ten hours seems like a reasonable guess.
  4. Bottom line, less than an hour.

2. Larry's most consistent exercise regime consists of:

  1. Sailing
  2. Treadmill
  3. Golf
  4. Kayaking

3. Larry's favorite beverage is:

  1. Arizona fudge soda
  2. Diet Pepsi
  3. Brewski
  4. Chardonnay

4. Larry will be close to tears if you:

  1. File your nails in front of him
  2. Sing and dance for him
  3. Invite him to a party
  4. All of the above

5. Larry is fibbing if:

  1. He's smiling
  2. His lips are moving
  3. He says, "Aaah, I gotta tell ya..."
  4. Larry would never fib

6. True or False: Larry knows more about baseball than music.

7. At home, Larry's favorite outfit is (hint: this outfit bears a striking resemblance to his daily attire—including the baseball cap.

  1. Pajamas, slippers and a satin robe
  2. Armani suit and tie
  3. (Joe) Boxer only and button-down shirt with collar and stays
  4. Flip-flops, shorts and a sweatshirt

8. Larry attended which of the following:

Parkville Elementary School
New Hyde Park High School
PS 101, the Bronx
Academy of the Performing Arts—Manhattan
West Point Academy, N.Y.
Great Neck South High
New York Tech University
American University
John Hopkins School of Medicine

9. Larry's job history includes:

  1. Keyboard player in a rock band and a New York City cabbie
  2. A bat boy and high school journalist
  3. Shoe salesman and a bartender
  4. Hardware store clerk and a naval officer.

10. True or False: Larry was accepted at USC Graduate School, but had an argument with one of his professors and dropped out.

11. Larry has a daughter named:

  1. Babe Ruth
  2. Maxie
  3. Sandy Koufax
  4. Barbi

12. Larry knows a guy who can get you:

  1. Drugs
  2. Pirate satellite
  3. Free phones
  4. Items off a truck.

Bonus Question: Larry's phone guy is named:

13. Larry has been known to consume:

  1. Peach baby food
  2. French fries with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate syrup
  3. Dr. Hoggly Woggly'sTyler Texas BBQ
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. All of the above.

14. Larry is the former commissioner of

  1. NFL
  2. XFL
  3. WBA
  4. WBL

15. Larry thinks that Louis Vuitton is:

  1. Goalie for the Canadians
  2. Prime Minister of France
  3. Wolfgang's new restaurant
  4. Last place on earth he'd shop

16. Larry can name without hesitation

  1. His last four dates
  2. Batting average of the '57 Dodgers
  3. All 43 presidents
  4. The location of every Fatburger in the city
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