Yes, 2001 Is Finally The Start Of The Millennium And, Yes, The Beatles Are Still Popular

The Beatles' grip on the pop charts continues.

Since its release in late November, the Fab Four's career-spanning number-one hit collection "1" (Capitol) has valiantly battled the boy bands for the top slot. In fact, it was the Backstreet Boys' new Jive release that the Liverpool Lads really beat "Black & Blue," taking the top slot from the boys three out of five weeks. We may have to check our math, but that's something like 75%!

According to Capitol, Christmas week sales of "1" topped 1.26 million, far outdistancing any other release for that week. And as if capping 2000 with a Platinum week wasn't enough, "1" topped the charts with a nearly Gold week—somewhere in the 450 grand neighborhood—to kick off 2001.

By our count—and, as you know, our match skills are suspect—that brings sales of "1" safely over the 5 million mark.

Not bad for a bunch of guys who have guest-starred on "The Simpsons."