"The Beatles TV exposure sent midweek sales through the roof."
—Ken Feldman, HMV


Super Tuesday Really Was Super, With Eight Top 20 Debuts, But Lovable Mop Tops Prevail
"Um, they were the band Paul McCartney was in before Wings," was how we struggled to describe this week's #1 group to our 15-year-old daughter as she headed out to have her navel pierced and butt tattooed with the legend, "I Love Fred Durst."

Yes, kiddies, everything old is new again, and this week's new #1 is a collection of old #1 hits from Capitol's Fab Four, who resoundingly put a whuppin' on all the other contenders for the album chart throne with the aptly titled "1."

That's not to say it wasn't a good week for debuts. Not only were there eight albums debuting in this week's Top 20, but six of them were in the Top 10, including the TOP FOUR ALBUMS IN THE COUNTRY!!! OK, OK, we'll stop yelling. We just wanted to get your attention.

"This had to be the single biggest release week of the year," said Ken Feldman of HMV, who kinda scares us when he refers to his single biggest release week of the year.

In a strong week for Sony, Columbia's "NOW, Vol. 5" bowed at #2, followed by Columbia's Ricky Martin at #3, Epic's Sade at #4 and Columbia's Offspring at #8. The other Top 20 debuts were Nothing/Interscope's Marilyn Manson at #9, Elektra's Keith Sweat at #16 and Loud's Prodigy of Mobb Deep at #19.

"The Beatles TV exposure sent midweek sales through the roof," said Feldman, referring to the ABC primetime special and the roof, which played a special and secret role in his single biggest release week. "And how about Sade? She obviously has held onto her fan base," said the retailer, holding onto what helped him achieve his single biggest release week of the year.

And then there's NEXT WEEK!!! That's NEXT WEEK. Which is when Backstreet Boys go for the record, trying to eclipse NSYNC's first-week sales mark of 2.4 million copies. "It's another of my single biggest release weeks of the year," said Feldman, as we ran frantically for cover.