The Backstreet Boys are having a great week and a #1 album chart debut… it just didn’t meet the expectations THEY set.


"Black & Blue" Can’t Bruise NSYNC’s Record; Beatles "1" is #2
Hey, THEY were the ones yelling "sales record."

Indeed, despite what looks an incredible million-plus sales week, the new Backstreet Boys album will not break the first-week sales mark of 2.41 million set earlier this year by labelmates NSYNC.

So, after numerous public statements by the band and an overwhelming marketing campaign built around a mind-boggling seven million-plus units in the pipeline, the Backstreet Boys are having a great week and a #1 album chart debut… it just didn't meet the expectations THEY set.

"They tried to do with marketing what NSYNC accomplished with one of the biggest singles of the year," said one major retailer, whose name we won't use until tomorrow's updated chart story. "‘Bye, Bye, Bye' was the ultimate impact single for NSYNC. ‘Shape Of My Heart' isn't that big, and all the marketing in the world can't help that."

Meanwhile, another cute boy band, the Beatles—who made your grandmother feel some peculiar stirrings—continue to post very impressive sales and look like a lock to come in behind the Boys at #2.

Commented one teen consumer, "If they're so big, how come I've never seen them talking to Carson?"

Other probable Top 10 album chart debuts will likely belong to Wu-Tang Clan and Erykah Badu.

In radioland, look for Madonna's "Don't Tell Me" to rule the Top 40 most-added roost, while Fuel continues to control the #1 most-played slot at Post Modern radio for the sixth consecutive week. Other PoMo radio powerhouses include the new Green Day track, "Warning," and Everclear's "When It All Goes Wrong Again."

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