Eve Naked, Lennon Still Dead, Posh Lost & Found

NAKED AMBITION: TLC member Chilli and Ruff Ryders rapper Eve are among the celebrities who took it all off for Allure magazine's special skin issue. "I have my own personal issues, but I like my body," Eve told the 'zine about posing nude for the mag, which features the shots as part of an article about how to look better naked. TLC's Chilli, who bares all in a white armchair, said that posing in the buff was a big step for her. "I was never that comfortable exposing my body," she said. "Changing in a locker room or even wearing a swimsuit was difficult. So this was a big step for me." Six celebs out of 562 that were approached agreed to pose nude. Others featured in the spread include actresses Jane Krakowski ("Ally McBeal"), Brittany Murphy ("Clueless," "Drop Dead Gorgeous"), Bai Ling ("Wild Wild West") and Kim Cattrall ("Sex And The City"). What, no Oprah?... LENNON & WALTERS?: The way Geoffrey Giuliano tells it, John Lennon's true fantasy may well have been snuggling up with Barbara Walters and watching "700 Club." The 46-year-old author has generated plenty of controversy with his new book on Lennon, which he claims is based partly on the Beatles' much-talked-about secret journals, and years of research and interviews. The 270-page tome, titled "Lennon in America," makes a host of new—and very bizarre—claims about Lennon's private life from 1971 to 1980. Among them: that Lennon had a sexual encounter with his mother when he was 15. That he had sexual fantasies about Baba WaWa, as well as George and Patti Harrison, among others. That he had sex with Linda McCartney. That he was so concerned about his weight he became bulimic. And that Lennon briefly was a born-again Christian, who watched Pat Robertson's "700 Club," but also once converted to Islam. Giuliano also claims Lennon beat his wife Yoko Ono and their son Sean. Gee, imagine that... MISSING LUGGAGE CONFIRMS NEW SPICE GIRLS LP ON THE WAY: British Airways is expected to pay Spice Girl Victoria Beckham around 100,000 in compensation after her luggage disappeared on a recent flight from the United States. Posh Spice lost three suitcases after traveling back to the United Kingdom from Miami last weekend. The Louis Vuitton cases, worth around 2,000 each, were believed to contain not only personal belongings, but also song lyrics and demos of the new Spice Girls album. Although British Airways have confirmed they will pay damages to Beckham, they have not revealed the actual figure. A spokeswoman said: "Some of Victoria Beckham's bags did not arrive at Manchester when she arrived from Miami. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and have apologized to her. A few items are believed to have gone missing at Heathrow. We are taking the matter very seriously and our investigators are working with police. We have offered compensation and it has been accepted." Check Ebay for further details.