Former Digital Underground MC Money B Questioned
In Shooting Death Of Producer
A record release party for former Digital Underground member Money B ended in tragedy last week when 31-year-old producer Ronald Blackburn was shot and killed outside of San Francisco's Glass Kat Supper Club.

Blackburn suffered two gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at San Francisco General Hospital at 3:40 a.m. Thursday (4/20) morning.

According to a San Francisco police investigator, a fight broke out after the party and shots were fired from a moving vehicle believed to be carrying Money B and his entourage.

Money B was taken into police custody and questioned, according to a Bay Area television station.

San Francisco Police said Blackburn was seen beating on the car of the ex-Digital Underground MC before shots were fired from the automobile as it was leaving the area. No one has been charged in the killing, but two members of Money B's entourage were also arrested.

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