Britney Spears’ Security Detail Gives Camera-Wielding Tourist The Boot
Teen queen Britney Spears caused a commotion when she had a camera-wielding tourist kicked out of a trendy New York nightspot.

Kathryn Anderson of Miami was booted from Chaos early Thursday morning (7/27), after she took a photo of Spears holding a drink.

According to the New York Post, Anderson initially tried to snap a pic of the pop tart in the ladies' room, but Spears snapped at her.

Said Anderson: "She was drunk and belligerent… She said to me, 'I don't want any pictures ... I don't look good enough right now.' That made me mad, so I followed her out to the club and took another picture of her with a drink in her hand."

Within seconds, Anderson says Spears' bodyguards, who gruffly demanded that she cough up the camera, surrounded her. Anderson says she refused and was escorted out by Spears' handlers.

Club spokesman Ron Alan maintained Spears drank only cranberry and sodas, while her beau, NSYNC's Justin Timberlake guzzled nothing stronger than bottled water. "If Britney was drinking, she wasn't doing it at Chaos," Alan said.

Underage club-goers must wear a pink neon bracelet, which bars them from drinking. Said security director

Frank McHugh: "It's bright. You wouldn't mistake it for a Harry Winston bracelet, unless you grew up in a Louisiana trailer park."

Sources said Spears, who has a perspiration problem (hitsdailydouble, 7/24), may have been able to slip the bracelet off her sweaty wrist, or could have simply hidden the band under her breasts.

Spears' spokesperson had no comment.