According to Cyberdialogue, 33 percent of adults online are accessing music content sites, and a few of those sites are actually NOT Napster.
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Tiger Electronics has signed a deal with Zomba to include songs by Britney Spears and NSYNC in its new HitClips music format. The postage stamp-sized “media-chips” will be playable on a complete line of micro-players, some as small as a quarter. The chips themselves will contain edited versions of hit songs. With prices as low as $4-$5, these clever little devices are sure to be as much of an annoyance as Tiger's successful Furby talking doll. Oddly enough, a concurrent search for the words “Britney Spears” and “Furby” brings up only porn sites… Best Buy Co. Inc. has inked a multi-year strategic sales, marketing and distribution agreement with XM Satellite Radio Inc., a direct satellite-to-receiver broadcasting technology provider. Under the agreement, Best Buy will sell the XM Radio service and XM capable radios throughout its more than 350 retail stores. Beginning in 2001, XM will offer up to 100 channels of digital-quality music, new, sports, talk and children's programming uplinked to XM's satellites and transmitted directly to vehicle, home and portable radios across the country. XM's first satellite is scheduled to launch in November of this year. Subscription to XM's service—you didn't think this was going to be free, did you?—will be $9.95 a month. “Eventually,” an XM spokesman said, “we'll be broadcasting directly into customers' heads, just like the government does now.”… ARTISTdirect Inc. announced that it will bring the successful Ritual Expo to six U.S. cities this year. Since 1996, L.A.'s Ritual Fashion & Music Expo has garnered rave reviews for its hybrid mix of fashion, music, culture, art and “Weblife.” No, really. This year with ARTISTdirect's help, the Expo will hit Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In connection with the Ritual Expo, ARTISTdirect will also create RITUALdirect.com, an online e-commerce site showcasing a variety of selected merchandise from the artists involved in the Expo. What sort of artists will be involved in the Expo, you ask? Well, the press release didn't mention a single one, but you can be sure they will be cutting edge and eclectic—kinda like Lollapalooza, only called something different… This week, the team behind GO.com's Mr. Showbiz will launch Movies.com, a one-stop database/gossip/inside scoop destination for movie junkies for whom, apparently, the Internet Movie Database just isn't enough. The site promises to cover films from the earliest stage of production to their eventual video or DVD release. In some cases, this cycle is only a matter of weeks! How is Movies.com different from IMDB.com? “We're part of the GO Network, owned by Disney,” said a Movies.com insider. “That, by default, makes us the best. Right?”… AltaVista entered the streaming media fray today by launching AltaVista Radio: more than 150 channels of music from around the world streaming 24-7. You know, according to Cyberdialogue (apparently an important gauge of online activity, especially since it's got “cyber” in its title), 33 percent of adults online are accessing music content sites, and a few of those sites are actually NOT Napster. AltaVista's radio broadcasts are available through a browser-based player created by RadioAmp especially for AltaVista. In addition to listening to the music, listeners can also access information about the artist, song and/or album. Naturally, the listener will be given the option of purchasing the CD as well.
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