One young girl is gushing blood from her newly acquired navel piercing. When I find myself saying aloud, "Her parents will be so proud," the realization that her parents are my PEERS makes me shudder.
The Annual Radio-Fest Grind Goes On And On...

Ed. Note: In the conclusion of another whirlwind weekend of radio shows (click here for the previous installment), Ivana B. Adored jets from Boston, where she'd made it to—and through—her 12th straight WBCN Rumble, to our nation's capital, where a sellout crowd of 90,000 was gathered at FedEx Field for the WHFStival.

Part Two: Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Driving around in circles, searching in vain for FedEx Field, I'm hopelessly lost but unwilling to admit that my inscrutable sense of direction has failed me. It's colder in Washington, DC, than was previously forecast, and rain clouds hover ominously overhead. When I spot some kids woefully underdressed for the weather, I know I've found the trail leading to the WHFStival.

Anticipatory whining appears to have worked, because I've got the parking pass that enables me to park between tour buses and the important all-access laminate, which gives me a shot at actually being able to say hello to Robert Benjamin, Bob Waugh and Pat Ferrise, WHFS's programming team.

The stadium looms in front of me, and I'm running around its perimeter to reach the Street Stage, because Epic's new signing Good Charlotte is scheduled to play in a few minutes. Their cheerleader, Epic promotion regional Mike Martinovich, beams like a proud parent—hundreds of kids (mostly girls) have shown up early to see a band that has yet to have a commercial release. I spot MTV's Amy Doyle and we watch the band, occasionally distracted by the parade of young girls sporting bad tattoos and even one who is gushing blood from her newly acquired navel piercing. When I find myself saying aloud, "Her parents will be so proud," the realization that her parents are my PEERS makes me shudder.

Offering refuge in the MTV Suite on the fourth floor of the stadium, Amy leads me to former WHFS PD and current MTV executive Tom Calderone. The guys in Filter are being shuttled from the 'HFS broadcast booth next door to the MTV suite for their on-camera interview with WXRK/MTV hottie Booker. Robert, Bob and Pat are standing in the hallway between the suites and I snap a quick photo for posterity. As packs of musicians file by, we whisper to each other, "Is that Staind or Godsmack?" Having shared a first-class cabin with them on our way back from Chicago last weekend, I immediately recognize Eve 6 (and their girlfriends, of course).

Gaby Skolnek and Ted Volk lead the way to the viewing platform on the side of the Main Stage for the Deftones' set. We watch a dozen different moshpits erupt as the band begins, quelled only by lead singer Chino stopping the set to make sure that a girl is safely lifted from the crowd after being landed on by a stage diver. The packed stadium cheers in recognition at the opening notes of "Change"—it's truly a thrilling sight to see a band so obviously on the verge of massive success.

As the Deftones leave the stage, I rush back to the Street Stage in time to catch the end of SR-71's set. The crowd response is monstrous, and after they play, a swarm of kids wave programs and pens for autographs. Who knew that RCA's Ron Poore was such a celebrity? While waiting for ninedays to begin, I enlist my friends in…

Ivana's Favorite Ways Of Killing Time At A Big Event

  • Game One: The future of the planet depends on your seeing someone wearing something you'd be caught dead in.

  • Game Two: The future of the planet depends on your seeing someone you'd have sex with.

When playing this game with female friends, 90% of the time the planet is doomed. Men aren't quite so picky. About their wardrobe, I mean.

Knowing that it would be HOURS before Rage Against The Machine played a note, I opted for an earlier flight out of BWI. Like anybody would even notice I was gone. My navigational skills miraculously returned and I made it to the airport in less than 30 minutes. I called Gaby's cell phone at 10 p.m. and Rage had just hit the stage. She said that judging from the energy in the crowd, 90,000 kids were impervious to the 11 hours of music and rain. Better them than me. Unless, of course, I can convince Robert, Bob and Pat to have Travis headline the 2001 WHFStival!

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