Pontiff Claims "You Can’t Do That On Television" His Favorite Show
Not since "Dogma," when she portrayed God, has Alanis Morissette been so close to the Almighty.

Just in time to cash in on the post-Easter rush, the Canadian chanteuse/actress/naked video performer will be on the same stage as Pope John Paul II in Rome this Monday (5/1). The two haven't worked together since the early-'90s, when they did a string of club dates in Eastern Canada. The dynamic duo's performance will take place at a free outdoor concert to draw attention to third world debt. Event organizers are hoping to convince the G7 nations to forgive $250 billion worth of debt from the world's poorest 41 countries. A previous offer of stock options in G7.com, a music Web site that lets listeners buy downloadable songs, was rebuffed.

Also appearing, though certainly not as exciting as a Canadian, a Polish guy and—hey there's a joke we should get around to finishing—are Lou Reed, Annie Lennox, the Eurythmics and Andrea Bocelli.

The Pope and Morissette are expected to close the show with a duet of "You Oughta Know," with His Holiness, who had his own albumreleased last year on Sony Music, crooning in Latin. Talk about "La Vatican Loca."

Now, if you'll excuse us, there's a new episode of the "Iron Chef"( http://www.ironchef.com) we have to catch.