The Lumineers is the hottest record in the street right now, it should surprise in many categories.
—-Lenny Beer
Our Resident Pundits Lenny Beer and Roy Trakin Tackle This Year’s Wide-Open Field, Agreeing That Frank Ocean and Gotye Will Be Heard From
This year’s Grammy nominations will be announced both during and after Wednesday’s gala prime-time spectacular on CBS. Our two fearless prognosticators, Editor-in-Chief Lenny Beer and Roy Trakin discuss their picks below in what promises to be the most spirited competition in years.

Trakin:  Unlike last year, when Adele dominated, the Grammys look wide-open. In Album of the Year, do you agree with expert Paul Grein that Frank Ocean and Mumford & Sons are locks?

Beer:  Those two must be locks and I would also say the Black Keys should be a lock

Trakin:  In the spirit of pleasing every constituency, do you think there will be a Country album here, like Miranda Lambert, say, or Jason Aldean?

Beer:  Earlier in the year, I thought that Lionel Richie was a sure thing for this slot, but right now it is anybody’s to win.... Miranda and Jason have had great years and should be considered

Trakin:  I'm getting a sneaking suspicion about Maroon 5... They will be represented, either in Album or Song/Record. Just a hunch. I think "Payphone" is a lock for one of the categories. Neil Portnow insists the Nomination show performers have nothing to do with the process, but I think they know what’s in the running even before the official announcement.

Beer:  I agree that Maroon 5 is and should be a factor

Trakin:  How about classic rockers? Don’t know about previous winner Bob Dylan, but this could be Bruce Springsteen's year, especially with his involvement in the presidential campaign giving him a timeliness.

Beer:  I love the Springsteen album, think it is his best in a long time, definitely worthy, but with his performance on last year's show, it feels a little old now.

Trakin:  I guess the Taylor Swift album isn’t eligible. With her constituency, you can't count the single out, though. And The Lumineers could have a shot here.

Beer:  The Lumineers is the hottest record in the street right now, it should surprise in many categories. P!nk is also one I’ll be watching for Best Album. And fun. is dangerous

Trakin:  Agreed... I'm going with Frank Ocean, Mumfords, Springsteen, Maroon 5 and Black Keys for Best Album. What about you?

Beer:  I'll take Frank Ocean, Mumford, Marooon 5, fun. and Black Keys or P!nk

Trakin:  Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" seems like the closest to a sure thing in Record of the Year, even if that sampling technicality makes it ineligible in the Song category.

Beer:  Yeah, in my opinion, Gotye wins for Record , which leaves Song wide-open for argument

Trakin:  Can Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" get into Record category.? Grein seems to believe so.

Beer:  I think it is a top two choice for Song of the Year, but in Record, it is an also ran to Gotye

Trakin:  I agree with Paul that Drake's "Take Care" with Rihanna is a pretty good bet also.

Beer:  As is Frank Ocean's "Thinking".... that one is just so great.

Trakin:  Definitely… How about Maroon 5's "Payphone"? Springsteen’s "We Take Care of Our Own"?

Beer:  I like both of those

Trakin:  Adele again with "Set Fire to the Rain"? She's still out there, but my Record of the Year picks: Gotye, followed by Carly Rae Jepsen, Drake, Frank Ocean and fun.'s "We Are Young" for sure, with Maroon 5 a possibility.

Beer:  Scary, but I agree. Maybe replace Drake with Adele in Record

Trakin:  Now for Song, a songwriters’ award, where Gotye and Adele aren't eligible, which means this is anyone's to win.

Beer:  Ocean and Carly and Bruce. I also like “Stronger” here by Kelly Clarkson

Trakin:  Yes, I agree with that… "Take Care"?

Beer: “Thinking” and “Stronger” and one more. And what about Mumfords for slot five?

Trakin :  I'll say Frank Ocean, Carly Rae, Maroon 5, Bruce and Kelly Clarkson.

Beer:  Or The Lumineers

Trakin :  "Ho Hey" could definitely sneak in. That wouldn't surprise me one bit. Now on to Best New Artist... This is one crowded category... One Direction, Frank Ocean, Gotye?

Beer:  I don't think 1D is a lock

Trakin:  I'll tell you who'll be in the final five… Hunter Hayes... Miguel, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, fun.. are all strong contenders.

Beer:  Ocean, yes, Gotye, Lumineers should be a lock and then an amazing list of contenders including 1D, Of Monsters, Goulding, Ed Sheeran (love him), Alabama Shakes 

Trakin:  Shiznet... Forgot about Alabama Shakes... They are certainly deserving....

Beer:  Yes they are

Trakin:  I’m going with Frank Ocean, Gotye, Alabama Shakes, The Lumineers and Hunter Hayes as my picks.

Beer:  I'll take Ed Sheeran over Hunter, but there are others also deserving, toughest category this year

Trakin:  I think that represents a nice range of genres.

Beer:  Yep, and thanks to Paul Grein for his great work helping us here.

Trakin:  Yes, Paul did the heavy lifting here. This is one of the toughest fields to handicap in a long time... Only thing I can be sure of is that Frank Ocean and Gotye will be well-represented. Wonder if there'll be a dark horse like Esperanza Spalding this year that no one has ever heard of.?

Beer:  I think not, too many worthy contenders for a long shot, but if there is one it should be Emilie Sande

Trakin:  Strong choice, although not quite as unlikely as Spalding.

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