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iGEN by Ted Volk
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AJR- "Sober Up" & "Burn The House Down"

AJR “Sober Up” & “Burn the House Down”

(AJR Prod/S-Curve)

* #1 at Modern Rock (“Sober Up”)

* #2 at Modern Rock (“Burn the House Down”)

This incredible story starts with KTCL Denver PD Nerf, who found “Sober Up” and put it into rotation in August 2017.

KTCL’s Nerf: “When I first heard it, I thought: A. Good song, B. Rivers Cuomo is a good look to legitimize it. Sonically, I realized it was what Alternative sounds like these days, so why not? It seemed to have just enough edge to be cool at the format, while being loaded like a powder-keg with crossover potential too. That’s our wheelhouse, so we lit that fuse. Boom.”