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iGEN by Ted Volk
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DEPECHE MODE- "Where's The Revolution"

Oh the memories I have with Depeche Mode. For me my introduction to them was with "Just Can't Get Enough."  I actually own an imported 12inch of that classic. Then of course came "Everything Counts", "People Are People", "Blasphemous Rumors" and "A Question Of Lust" during my college years. I can keep going.  Then the 90's and more classics like "Enjoy The Silence", "Policy Of Truth", "Walking In My Shoes" and "I Feel You" all #1's at Modern Rock.  Keep in mind the Modern Rock chart didn't exist in the 80's so who knows how many more #1's they would have had.  I remember in 1990 living in Boston failing at all attempts to get a job in the record industry reading and hearing about this crazy in store the band did in Los Angeles with the legendary KROQ.  

Can you imagine 10,000 people showing up for an in-store?  At that time a truly incredible moment.   I always blink when I start doing the math as to how long ago that was.  As we start 2017 how cool is it to see Depeche Mode still making great music.  Check out "Where's The Revolution" which came out today.