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iGEN by Ted Volk
The Place Where Radio and Records come Together Without Talking

Have you seen this yet Jimmy Fallon-Jack Black duet on the Extreme hit “More Than Words”? It really brought back some incredible memories for me. Back in early 1991, I was a local regional for DGC in Boston. Kelly Mills, who had the same gig at A&M, drove down to New Haven and visited WKCI’s MD—a guy named Tom Poleman—to play him this song. Tom agreed that it was a total smash and became one of the very first guys to play "More Than Words." It went on to reach #1 in the U.S. and numerous other territories. You probably know Tom went on to become President, National Programming at iHeartMedia. You may not know that Kelly went on to become my wife. So it worked out well for Tom, anyway. Here we are, 24 years later, and this Jack and Jimmy duet is taking me right back to that amazing time. Unreal!